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Hotel Terminology

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Hotel Terminology means definition of different terms used widely in Hospitality worlds.
Status of a hotel room changes rapidly. Also it is very much crucial to give accurate room status information to the Front Desk so that they can sell the room or stop selling or guiding guests. If you are a Front Office or Housekeeping staff then you have to have very clear conception about all the room status terminologies.

If you really like to work in Front Office or Front Desk or Housekeeping Department then try to be habituated with these codes.

Here we highlight some room status terms alphabetically:
• Complimentary: The room is occupied by the guest but he is not charged for using. This sorts of offers are given to very regular customers.
• Did not check out (DNCO) : The guest had made arrangements previously to settle their account did not actually come to the front desk or inform them to check out. Here you have to remember that the guest is not a skipper as he has settles his account.
• Do not disturb: The guest has requested not to be disturbed. This is usually indicated with a sign left hanging on the room’s door knob or electronically by a red light indicator outside the guestroom door. This is one of the most popular terms of hotel industry.
• Due Out: The guest is expected to leave after the following day’s check out time.
• Late check-out: The guest has requested and is being allowed to check out later after the standard check out time which is usually 11 am or 12 noons. If you are a front desk agent then you have to take special Care before grant this as you have to determine whether a late check-out charge should be added and the guest informed or no charge should be implemented.
• Lock-out: The room is being locked and guest will not be allowed to enter until he is cleared by a hotel official.
• Occupied: The guest is registered to the room and has not checked out yet.
• On change: The guest has just left and the room is under process of cleaning by housekeeping staffs that is why it is still not ready to resale.
• Out of Order: The room is not ready for sell may be because of maintenance, extensive cleaning, refurbishing etc.
• Skipper: The guest just left the hotel without making arrangements to settle his account. The previous term DNCO is used in those cases when guest makes arrangements. This is the basic difference between these two terms. Skipper is also known as a walk-out.
• Sleeper: This term indicates unprofessionalism of the front desk agent. This situation occurs when the front desk has not updated their room status information. The guest has settled their account and left the hotel but this is not recorded in the front desk records.
• Sleep-out: The guest registers into the room but does not use the bed.
• Stayover: The guest has registered the room and not expected to check out today and will remain at least one more night.
• Vacant & Ready (V/R): The room has been cleaned and fully ready for resell.


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