Paid Out Policy

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Paid Out Policy

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To make it clear for the purpose of paid out service.

The paid out service is helping guest when they need money for tickets or in urgent case when they can not immediately have cash.

It is not the service of exchange credit card to cash for guests. We are prohibited to do so base on the contract with credit card company.


Any paid out with refund by credit card for the cash purpose is prohibited.

When guest request for paid out, front office staffs should check the purpose of paid out.

If the purpose is buying air or train ticket, we can buy it for guest and recording as paid out, this can be applied for any type of refunds including credit card. In this case we collect 5% for service rendered.

If the purpose is petty cash for guest, Front Office Cashier have to check and give the decision case by case as following

-If guest refunds by credit card (deposit by credit card splitting), we have to refuse.

-If guest refunds by cash or company paying, we make the paid out for guest.

The normal procedure is as follow:

Front Office Cashier should ensure that receipts of all cash paid out made to guests are duly acknowledged by the guest concerned. This must be evidenced in writing by the guest signing on the Paid Out Voucher.

Paid Out Voucher must be presented to Front Office Manager to approve as soon as possible but not later than the next day.

The original voucher will be forwarded to Night Auditor, Credit Card slip (in the case of purchase tickets) will be put into the Remittance envelope at the end of the shift, the copy voucher should be issued to guest

Paid Out vouchers must be issued in strict numerical sequence, and only one book should be

in use at any one time.

All cancelled vouchers and amendments to the voucher must be duly authorized by the Front Office Manager or the Duty Manager by signing the vouchers.

All refund of credit balances (PERSONAL ACCOUNTS ONLY) to guests must be done at the time the guests check out and upon their requests only.

All other refund of credit balances (COMPANY ACCOUNTS) to guests must be done through City Ledger by Accounts Department and not by the Cashier at the Front Office.

The refund of credit balances (PERSONAL ACCOUNTS ONLY) to guests must be supported by Paid Out Vouchers and copy of Guest Folio and duly approved by Duty Manager or Front Office Manager.


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