Preparing And Serving Hot Chocolate

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Preparing And Serving Hot Chocolate

Bài gửi  Admin on Sat Nov 29, 2014 8:28 am

Quality standard

Hot chocolate is charged by the pot (2 cups), any more refill is charge extra. Hot Chocolate is freshly prepared upon request order from the bar.
Piping hot Chocolate is served in a small coffee pot, with warm fresh milk and sugar, no more than 3 minutes after the order has been taken.


1. Pre-rinse the coffee pot with hot water.
2. Pour 30 grams of chocolate powder into the pot.
3. Steam fresh milk 48 cl into the pot.
4. Stir the pot until the chocolate powder is completely dissolved.
5. Position yourself on the right side of the guest.
6. Set warm fresh milk in a jug and sugar bowl at the centre of the table, or are nearest guest.
7. Set coffee cup, saucer and teaspoon at the center of the cover or to the right of the place setting.
8. Pour hot chocolate into the cup of the guest.
9. Set B & B plate with linen under liner at the right side of place setting.
10. `Set pot with chocolate on the under liner.
11. Continuously re-fill for the guest when cup is 2/3 empty. Ask before re-filling, the cup of the guest.
12. Remove pot and under liner from the table immediately as soon as it is empty.


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