Cross-Exposure Training Checklist

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Cross-Exposure Training Checklist

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Instructions: Use this checklist to prepare the trainee, and to ensure that the correct arrangements have been made or are being followed up on.

1. The Cross-Exposure Training Request Form has been discussed with the employee, finalised with the Human Resources Manager, and sent to the Human Resources Manager and the Training Manager by e-mail.
2. The receiving hotel has been contacted and asked, if it can train the employee.
3. A reply has been received from the receiving hotel confirming the training.
4. Travel arrangements have been made:
• Valid passport;
• Visa obtained;
• Return air / train / bus ticket purchased;
• Return journey confirmed;
• Directions to the hotel have been obtained.
6. Human Resources has explained to the employee the main cultural and social differences.
7. The charges and payment arrangements have been clarified with the receiving hotel.
7.1 transportation charges;
7.2 expenses and salary advancement
7.3 accommodation;

7.4 uniform arrangements;
7.5 meal arrangements;
7.6 payment procedures.
8. The name and location of the contact person at the receiving hotel is known.
9. A map has been obtained showing the location of the receiving hotel.
10. The employee has been briefed fully by the Human Resources Manager about the goals of the cross-exposure training, and about the hotel’s expectations of the employee.
11. The employee has been briefed fully by the Director of Human Resources about the goals of the cross-exposure training, the travel arrangements, who to contact, etc. The employee also understands how to complete the Cross-training Report Form.

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