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English for Engineers

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Section 1. Carrying out a Repair in a Guest’s Room

1.1 Entering a guest's room

1.1.1 Entering a guest room

* (Ring the bell) Engineering Service. ... (Ring the bell) Engineering Service. ...
* (If nobody replies, ring the bell again) Engineering Service. ... May I come in? (Open the door a little)

1.1.2 Greeting the guest in the room
* Good (morning), (name). How are you this (morning)? ... I'm (glad / sorry) to hear that.

* My name is (name). I'm an engineer.

1.1.3 Asking for permission to carry out a repair

* May I repair the (television) now or should I come back later?

Now: * Thank you, (name).

Later: * When would you like me to come back?

* Certainly, (name). I'll come back at (10) o'clock.

1.1.4 Leaving the room

* Your room is ready now, (name). Is there anything else?

No: * Thank you, (name). Have a nice day.

1.1.5 Explaining what you are doing, if the guest returns

* Good (morning), (name). I'm repairing your (television). May I carry on?

Yes: * Thank you, (name).

No: * When would you like me to (come back)?

1.1.6 Saying goodbye to a departing guest

* I hope that you enjoyed your stay.

* Have a pleasant journey, and I hope to see you again. Goodbye.

1.2 Saying what action you will take

* (Guest name). I have to (replace / take out / change the) (...).

check in the ceiling.

check the (condenser outside).

1.3 Saying how long the repair will take

* It will take about (15) minutes to repair.

1.4 Leaving the room to fetch something

* (Name). I have to get a (tool / something).

* I will come back in (5) minutes.

1.5 Asking to use the guest’s telephone

* May I use your telephone, please?

1.6 Asking the guest to speak on the telephone

* (Name), the operator will explain the problem.

* (Name), please speak to the operator. (She / He) will explain the problem.


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