Crumbing down a table

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Crumbing down a table

Bài gửi  Admin on Sun Oct 14, 2012 1:33 pm


Crumbing down a table can be performed with different utensils. The most easily obtainable of these utensils in the napkin neatly folded with BB plate.


1 Prepare a BB plate and place the folded napkin onto it.

2 Hold crumbing plate with napkin in your left hand and approach to table

3 Proceed with the female guest (if applicable) to the host/ess left if known.

4 Approach the first female guest on their right hand side and place your right food alongside guest’s chair with saying excuse.

5 Bend from the waist forward and place plate in left hand against the edge of the table.

6 Look and see where crumbs or scraps are. Efficiently place folded cloth behind this area and with right hand brush toward the edge of the table where the crumbing plate i


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