Present a drink list & menu

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Present a drink list & menu

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Drinklist will be presented after seat the guest. Menu will be presented after taking drink order. The

standard for both presenting drink list and menu is the same.

Wine list is prepared, carried together with drink list and only present to host/ess(if know) or the person would like to see it.


1 Calculate the number of drink lists or menus presented before going to the table.

2 Always check drink list or menus for any stains, pen marks, dog-eared corner, ect.; do not use if unacceptable.

3 Approaching a table, then stand on the right hand side of the first female( if application) to the host/ess (if known) left ( clockwise).

4 Place your foot forward slightly. With a menu in your right hand, open it and hand it to the guest.

5 Keep the other drink list or menu in your left hand vertical to your left hip.

6 Distribute the drink lists, menus in clockwise direction using our standard service sequence.

7 The same process applies in presenting the wine list to a guest. Try to ascertain who is the host/ess. Present the Wine list the same procedure as in present drink list/menu.

Beverage lists and menus without cover can be presented in the same service standard and sequence, drinks list first then menu to one by one guest.

Beverage/wine lists and menus with covers should be presented opened using right hand with right hand thumb finger inserted in the middle of the menu and the rest of the fingers at back part to support the menu.


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