Hotel Room Service Procedure Tutorials

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Hotel Room Service Procedure Tutorials

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21 key points for successful room service for more knowledge on Hotel Room Service.

Tips for Successful Room service in Hotel:

1. Low flower vases should be used.

2. Flowers should be put on every order tray.

3. Tables, wheels, and heaters should be clean.

4. Tables should be covered with plastic sheets during delivery.

5. A courtesy card should be put on table with the server’s name and pickup information.

6. Choices of complimentary newspapers for breakfast, should be offered.

7. When arriving in the room, one should inquire where the patron wishes to sits

8. Chairs must be arranged.

9. Pens should be offered for signing check.

10. Good telephone manners should be utilised to sell subtly.

11. Operators must be well-informed about specials.

12. About items not available.

13. One must be willing to accommodate special requests and be discreet.

14. Extra lids for coffee and teapots are essential. They constantly get lost.
Cardboard covers should be provided for juices and water.

15. Extra napkins should be provided as also choice of individual jams, jellies, and honey.

16. Special speedy continental breakfast service should be provided.

17. All drinks should be served from iced decanters, and sodas from split bottles.

18. Wines should be served with in half bottles and in carafes.

19. Delivery time promises that cannot be kept should not made.

20. Linen should be checked carefully.

21. Extra large teapots and thermos pots for coffee should be kept stocked.


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