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Housekeeping Order Taker

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Standard :

H/K Order Taker (clerk) must be good at English, both listening and writing to understand all guest requests, deal well with internal and external calls; report to supervisor note information in H/K Log Book; coordinate to all HK Supervisors, Laundry team, Public Area team, Minibar and Room Attendant team.

Procedures :

Internal call answering: Pick up and answer the phone after the third ring with smile, warm and hospitable voice:

“Housekeeping good morning/ afternoon/ evening. (your name) speaking. May I help you? “

Ø Ex : “Housekeeping good morning. Hien speaking. May I help you”?

External call answering: Smile, warm and hospitable voice:

Ø “La Residence Hotel & Spa good morning/ afternoon/ evening. Housekeeping department. May I help you?”

Ø Ex : “La Residence Hotel & Spa good morning, housekeeping department. May I help you?”

Listen carefully the information from the guest and handle it.
Understand clearly and in detailed what the guest requests.
Repeat to guest main points of his request to confirm and ensure exact information.
Ask the guest “Anything else would you like me to do?“ and always wait for the guest to hang up the phone first.

Ø Understand the information clearly.

Immediately inform to the person in charge of that request.
H/K team concerned:

Ø If the guest requests service from H/K, room attendant or supervisor must be informed, if necessary.

Ø For laundry service, laundry attendant or supervisor must be informed if necessary.

Ø For public area, public area attendants or supervisor must be informed, if necessary.

Ø Co- ordinate well with other concerned departments in the hotel.

Internal calls (departmental):

Ø Answer the phone calls with warm smile and friendly voice.

Ø Grasp the information from other departments.

Ø Know how to solve and report after receiving the information.

Ø If the problem is urgent and important, report to supervisor or manager timely


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