Periodical cleaning program

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Periodical cleaning program

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Standard :

HSKP have to organize deep and careful cleaning all guestrooms and public areas according to period.

Procedures :

Periodical cleaning program can be held during low season. It is very important to maintain equipments, furniture in guest rooms and new rooms as well. This will help to reduce daily jobs for HSKP staffs.

1. To spot clean carpet and carpet edges.

2. To deep clean the air conditioner’s windows and ceiling rims.

3. To remove stains from woodwork, wall paper and wall paintings.

4. To polish all guest room’s woodwork with wax.

5. To vacuum carpet beneath mattress.

6. To deep clean the refrigerator, TV set and telephone, minibar items in refrigerator.

7. To thoroughly clean all mirrors and window glass.

8. To scrape and clean the wall tiles in bathroom, shower tap, shower curtain.

9. To polish and clean grouting area in bathroom.

10. To turn over the bed mattress periodically.

11. To deep clean toilet tank, floating holes, under the chairs, tables and others that are difficult to clean daily.

12. To deep clean the public areas, restaurants, meeting room, conference room, etc.

Deep clean HSKP equipment and machines


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