Check laundry before washing

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Check laundry before washing

Bài gửi  Admin on Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:25 pm

Standard :

All guest laundry must be checked and marked after receiving from guest room and before sending for washing. We have to find out the real situations of guest laundry and then record these situations carefully.

Procedures :

Step 1. Check to confirm guest’s requests:

Read the order from the guest on the list carefully to see guest need their laundry to have dry cleaning, washing or pressing with normal or express service, if express, see how many hours.
Separate different items into categories: trousers, shirts, etc.
Record the number of each item in the “hotel count column”.
Record the trade mark and color of each item; record stain, hole, torn, button missing, if any.
Check all pockets in case guests forget something inside.
When checking guest clothes, laundry attendants must pay attention to laundry items which have previous defects like:

- Fade color.

- Decoration items easily to be damaged when washing.

- Old stain can not remove.

- Zipper broken, etc.

10. All of the above problems should be recorded on message and send to guest for confirmation before we send guest laundry for washing.

Step 2. Checking to start washing.

Put the laundry on the table to check.
Check guest name, room number.
Record guest form request.
Separate different items and compare with the total laundry of guest.
Report to supervisor any case that is not identical with the guest laundry, to solve exactly the quantity before washing.


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