Chemicals Use Cleaning by HSKP Dept.

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Chemicals Use Cleaning by HSKP Dept.

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Standard :

Procedures :

1. Chemicals are very important in cleaning. They support a quick, effective and successful cleaning, as well as maintenance of materials in the hotel, if we use the proper chemicals.

2. Many different chemicals may be used to clean different types of surface. Make sure you are aware of local legal requirements or restrictions relating to the use of the chemicals.

3. Each kind of chemical will be used for a specific purpose of cleaning, and please follow clear instructions from manufacturer or supplier.

4. Storage of chemicals is very important in HSKP store. Chemicals should be stored properly and tidy to facilitate our daily operation. Never keep chemicals near the wall, keep them on shelves.

Kind of chemicals:

· Chemicals used for cleaning carpet.

· Chemicals used for cleaning wood, marble or tile surfaces.

· Chemicals used to spot stain on the carpet.

· Chemicals used for cleaning glass, mirror

· Chemicals used for covering on the surface

· Chemicals used for cleaning metals.

· Chemicals, such as strong acids, should be used restrictedly since they may deteriorate the surface of properties and can be danger to staff who expose directly to.

Make sure that you are familiar with safety instructions from the manufacturers for any chemical being used.

1. Be aware of mixed-up chemicals or reactants being put together which might set on fire.

2. Be careful of dangers to eyes and skin that chemicals may cause.

3. Be aware of which chemicals cannot be mixed together.

4. Also make sure that you are well trained in using chemicals and your knowledge has to be updated from time to time.

How to use chemicals in a safe way:

1. Read carefully the directions on mixing ratio to have a proper cleaning solution.

2. Fill the container being used for mixing chemicals with a required amount of water.

3. Mixing chemicals with water: slowly pour in measured amount of chemicals and keep container away from face.

4. Washing container after use in specific sink as designated

Use safety equipments being provided such as gloves, goggles


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