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Do Not Disturb Sign

Bài gửi  Admin on Sat Oct 13, 2012 4:17 am

Standard :

Housekeeping staff are not allowed to enter guest rooms with “Do Not Disturb” sign hang on. Minibar Attendants or Room Attendants must report to supervisor if the room hang on “Do Not Disturb” sign until 4:00 pm.

1. The room with the “DND” sign hang outside its door means everybody has to pay attention not to make disturb, knock, open or enter the room.

2. Guest may be inside or not (guests still occupy room or checked out already). It is necessary to call receptionist to confirm that room occupied or checked out already.

3. Room Attendants and Floor Supervisor have to pay attention to making up room daily.

Procedures :

· From the morning till 3:00 PM, Supervisor has to call guest in this room (at least 3 times before further action).

· If guest answers the phone, “NNS”, “LATER” or “Come in”. It is no problem.

· If nobody replies,

a) It means guest is not in house, guest was out or checked out already, R/A must get information from receptionist very clear before action.

b) If the information from receptionist is very clear that guest is in house and fails to answer the phone, it means the guest has met big problem like heavy sick, being unable to pick up the phone or the guest was dead. In that case, Room Attendant and Floor Supervisor must inform the Duty Manager, General Manager at once, the indication should be pointed out in the action.

c) If the clear information from the receptionist that guest checked out already, it is no problem, R/A knocks the door and opens to enter the room.

d) If guest is not in house but the “DND” sign still kept outside door, after 3:00 PM and before finishing his / her shift, that room was not made up, R/A must inform Floor Supervisor, note down in HSKP Log Book, and handover to next shift. PM shift must take care.

- If it is not done in the evening, PM shift (R/A or Supervisor) send a printed Hotel Card to that room, insert it under the room door to inform guest his / her room was not made up due to the “DND” sign outside. PM shift continues to handover to night shift and record in the HSKP Log Book.

- If the night shift is unable to make up that room, continue to handover to the AM shift next day.


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