HSKP Attendant’s Assignment

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HSKP Attendant’s Assignment

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Standard :

All Room Attendants’ work assignments will be made each morning from the HSKP room status record prepared by AM shift Supervisor coordinating with PM shift Supervisor last night.

The HSKP Room status report normally will be ready before 7:00 AM daily.

Procedures :

I) Room Attendant’s Assignment.

· The floor supervisor will make Room Attendant’s assignment on the basis of occupied and vacant rooms, dirty rooms indicated on the room status report (main report).

· The PM shift Supervisor of previous night will write down a temporary assignment for each R. Attendant by a work sheet from the last Room Status Report of PM Shift Supervisor. For guest in rooms check out the following day, room status will be marked with “ED”(expected departure), and rooms still being occupied, room status will be mark with “OCC” on the main report, R. Attendant’s report the following day.

· Early in the morning HSKP Supervisor will check the information such as arrival rooms assigned by receptionist (from F/O), room status will be marked with “EA” , early / already checked out, room status will be marked with “VD” and with the previous night Supervisor’s report and R. Attendant’s temporary assignment sheet to correct the last assignment for AM R. Attendants.

· If a guest checking out that day requests his/her room to be made up, regular service will be given to the room and touch up again after the guest has departed.

· If guest in anticipated check out room, but does not depart by check out time. R/A still has to provide fully service to such rooms before the end of his/her shift.

· If a R.A enters an assigned room to service it and find the bed is not slept on by guest, a slept out marked “S/O” sign should be recorded in R.A report as soon as possible.

· R/A will have to make an additional room, if guest has slept out last night on his / her report of work assignment to compensate for the “Slept Out” room according to the designated work for one day.

· On the other hand, if a vacant room is found being occupied by guest, same procedures as “Slept out” has to be done as well.

II) Public Attendant’s Assignment.

· Public Attendant’s Assignment will be made for a certain period, normally assigned according to public area section. The regular working schedule will be made by Public Supervisor and approved by Executive Housekeeper for each shift and the works will be done in each time and place, so that it corresponds with hotel business operating schedule timewise. Always keep public area clean.

· Each Public Attendant has to follow up the Schedule of Working Assignment above .

III) Uniform & linen Attendant’s Assignment.

(Uniform & Linen Attendant’s Assignment is as the same Public Attendant’s Assignment, under control by supervisors and Executive Housekeeper daily)


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