Lobby cleaning

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Lobby cleaning

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Standard :
Make sure the Lobby area always clean, tidy and hygiene.
Procedures :

How to clean Lobby Area :

Lobby area must be always clean. Front desk, counter must be free of dust. Use cloth to clean all counter suface, all table around reception area, empty ashtray and wash them.
Clean the floor by damp mop (neither wet nor dry), clean from the entrance step backwards. P/A must press strongly when cleaning in order to move dust out.
Clean the main door frequently to keep it clean and free of dust all the time. P/A must use the cloth with chemical to clean the main door and pay attention to his/her work, not look at passing guests.
While cleaning, P/A must keep small cleaning equipment tidily in a cornner or keep in the pocket if possible (a little rag, small nife used to move dust).
Wash the cleaning cloth or mop frequently while cleaning to keep them clean.
All armchair cushion must be taken out to clean.


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