Introducing a Room to Guest (SOP)

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Introducing a Room to Guest (SOP)

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How to Introduce a Room to Your Guest (SOP)
In one of my earlier writing I discussed on how to rooming a guest. Today, we will try to learn how to introduce a room to your guest. Generally it is the duty of a bell person to carry luggage, escort guest to the room and then introduce the guest with the amenities and services of the hotel and the room. Being a hotelier it is his duty to provide all necessary information to the guest to make him feel comfortable and relaxed.

Here are some step by step procedures you should follow:

Introduce a Room to Guest:

1. Always be careful about the safety and security. So, while escorting point out on fire emergency exit and fire distinguisher on the floor.

2. Before entering room you should let your guest know how to use room key card to open the door. From your guest part, this may be his very first arrival in any hotel, so he or she may not know how to use room key card. So better ask him or her first and if he agrees then show the way by this way:

“So, Mr. Robin, Should I show you how to use your room key card”
If he says yes then guide him this way:

“First please insert your key card from the bottom to upwards and continue until you see the green light on. Green light means it is ok. So, now proceed to the room as the door is open now”

3. After his entrance to the room open the window and switch on the lights and give him or her some time to settle down little bit.

4. Then politely seek his permission to make him familiarize with the facilities of the room. You can say “Sir/Madam can I take some time to introduce features of this room”

5. If your guest agrees then give him information on following facilities:
• Air Condition/Heater Controls
• Bathroom with feature of rainforest shower head
• BOSE radio wave CD player
• Broadband Data Port for high speed Internet access
• Butler Service Brochure with Guest Preference Slip
• Coffee/tea making facility
• DND/Makeup room light switch
• Personal Bar
• Safe Deposit & Lobby Safe location
• Telephone and Butler Service Button
• Television and Remote Control Location

6. You can instruct your guest in this way:
• Your in room safety box is located here. It functions with 4-digit password, self-programmed, very convenient to use. May I show you how to use it?
• This is a Make-up Room & Do Not Disturb lights switch. Please do not switch on both lights at the same time because it will only show Do Not Disturb light from outside.
• This is Air-con Control Panel. You may adjust your room temperature with the switch here. Is your room temperature comfortable to you now?
• Your TV Remote Control is located here. We have 25 channels for your selection.
• This is your Personal Bar and Butlers will replenish drinks here every day.
• Here are coffee and tea making facilities.
• One of the most useful features is our broadband data port, which provides you with complimentary high-speed Internet access.
• Here is your BOSE radio wave CD player. You may enjoy CD & radio music any time.
• Here is your Bathroom, which has both bathtub and shower stall, which features with rainforest showerhead.

7. You should give your business card or tell him the way to contact you if needed.

8. Wish your guest to have a pleasant stay upon leaving the room.

9. If guest wish not to have room introduction at the moment, only point out In Room Safe’s location & Butler Service Button before executing himself.

10. For return or regular guest, just highlight any new services and facilities if any.


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