Credit Card Handling Procedure

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Credit Card Handling Procedure

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1. To identify the credit card that are approved for the settlement of guest ledger charges at hotel operational or Bill outlet transaction, The approved credit cards are :
a. American Express.
b. VisaCard/MasterCard/JCB.
c. BCA Card.

2. To identify whether the guest credit card number has been canceled as Lost, Stolen, False credit card or Delinquent.


1. A valid credit card is to be accepted and imprinted for pre-authorization by the front office receptionist or cashier upon guest check-in as an approved “Method of Settlement” of a guest ledger when the guest check out.

2. Guest should be presented the credit card prior to the expiration date or will not expire before expected check-out date, also where the signature on the credit card with the registration card are the same and the credit card number should be same between credit card number on EDC Machine Monitor with credit card number on the Card.


1. Check the expiration date on the card. Do not accept a card that has expired or will expire before the expected check-out date. In either of these cases, request another credit card or alternate settlement method.

2. Compare the signature on the back of the credit card with the guest signature on the registration card.
Do Not accept the card if the signatures do not match, Only the valid holder of the card is authorized to use the card.

3. Swipe the credit card for pre-authorization at EDC Machine and make sure to check the credit card number on EDC Machine Monitor with the credit card number on the Card, The credit card number should be same. But if the credit card number did not same, it is means that credit card is a False Credit Card !

4. If the guest credit card is valid, front office receptionist should be write the credit card number & expiration date on the guest registration and give receptionist staff in charge signature on registration to indicate that it has been checked.

5. When guest credit card is a False Credit Card, The front office receptionist or cashier F & B outlet will proceed as follows:
• Step 1 : hold the guest for waiting a couples minutes.
• Step 2 : inform the credit card status immediately to AFOM/FOM or/and Duty Manager in charged in that time.
• Step 3 : AFOM/FOM or Duty Manager will be forward the information to EAM or/and GM.
• Step 4 : EAM or/and GM with Security back up will be investigate directly to the Guest.


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