Voucher Policy

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Voucher Policy

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The objective of this policy is to ensure that proper procedures are laid out for the control of all vouchers issuing by hotel

All vouchers, tickets which have monetary value either by contra, purchase or otherwise must be issued from the Accounts Department and disciplinary actions can be taken against any staff who do not follow this policy.


Department requesting voucher for promotion must have the General Manager’s approval before printing.
All documents printed must have serial number.

A book, called “Voucher Control Book” with proper Index Pages, to keep the record of the vouchers coming in and issuing out has to be kept by the Income Auditor ( See Format A attached).

After printing, the vouchers are passed to Income Auditor for safe keeping and updating the “Voucher Control Book”.

Income Auditor has to send vouchers to Joint Venture Company for stamping into each voucher

Income Auditor on issuing out the documents must update the “Voucher Control Book”

All columns in the “Voucher Control Book” must be filled by the Income Auditor before
vouchers can be issued.
All vouchers that were returned back to the Finance Department after usage must be checked against the “Voucher Control Book” by the Income Auditor and must balance.

Any vouchers that were received not according to procedures or of any variances Income Auditor has to report to FC for further actions.

Serial No





Date issued

Issued to

Acknowledge receipt

Date sold

Sold by

Date utilised

Outlet / Bill No.

Comm paid date

Comm paid to

<name of receipient & Outlet>

<signature of receipient>

<name of person entitled to commission>


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