Telephone control

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Telephone control

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Reduce telephone cost for hotel, controlling expenses of department.


Hotel telephone is only used for hotel business, any private calls is prohibited and will be charged back to the person who made call.

Heads of department are responsible for telephone expenses in the departments.

Each department should have one book of keeping track for outside calls. Any call to outside, should be recorded on the book and noted with explanation by the one who made call, the exception are Sale & Marketing, Reservation, and Purchasing departments.

Head department will daily review the book, and check it against the telephone list printed by EDP at the end of the month, charge to staffs and themselves any private call (long-distant or mobile or in province but over 15 minute).

At the end of the month, FC also checks the telephone list and raises questions to heads of department.

Every day EDP will review the calling list and submit to FC a report of long-distant calls or in province but prolong more than 15 minute.

Any long-distant or mobile call of over 7 minutes will be questioned, any call to foreign countries need the prior approval of GM.

At morning meeting, FC will give head department 1 explanation form that list the calls which need explanations and head of department will give back the answer later.

Strict adherence to this policy is expected.


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