Loss and breakage

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Loss and breakage

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Protect hotel’s properties, controlling the circulation of linen.


Head of Department are responsible for equipment received and used by his or her department. He or she must assign staffs to take care the tools and equipments, make schedule for physical count, make monthly breakages and losses report, and submit the report to accounting. Accounting will make physical counts and then the confirmation note with signature of the head of department for the tools and equipment existing in each department.

Stewards make daily breakage report and submit to F&B manager, F&B staffs make monthly physical count for chinaware, glassware, silverware, linen on monthly basic. F&B manager should reconcile between monthly physical count results and the breakage report from stewarding, and make the summary inventory movement for submitting to accounting.

Housekeeping must set up a standard level of setting up for tools & equipment in room (fixed number of dishes, forks, spoons, face towels, hand towels, bed cover...). Base on this fixed level of setting, Room Attendant must make the daily breakages and losses report and submit to Housekeeping Managers. House keeping staffs make monthly physical counts for all of equipment (chinaware, glassware, silverware, linen, cleaning tools). Housekeeping Manager should reconcile between monthly physical count results and the breakage & losses report from Room Attendants, and make the summary inventory movement for submitting to accounting.

Other department as Spa & Lifeguard must also make daily physical count and monthly breakage report for the tools and equipment in their department (linen, chinaware, glassware, other tools and equipment), submit the report to accounting at the end of the month.

Any internal transferring must be filled in the internal-transfer form and signed by both receiving and delivering departments.

If guests bring tools or equipment from one department to another, the staffs in first department should inform the HOD or supervisors, HOD or supervisors should call the other department to follow. At the end of the day, the tools or equipment should be returned to the original location or one internal-transfer from should be signed. (for example: if guest used Spa service or swimming pools service and then bring the towel or bath-robe to room, the Spa Manager, or Lifeguard Supervisor must inform housekeeping to pay attention when guest check out and then the towel or bath-robe will be returned to Spa or Swimming pools or one internal transfer-note will be signed.

The permitted levels of breakage & Losses for departments and the compensations are as follow:

For Chinaware, glassware, Cool towels

Chinaware, glassware in F&B $ 70 per month

Chinaware, glassware in Room $ 20 per month

Cold towel in House keeping $ 10 per month

Any breakage and losses over the above levels for Chinaware, Glassware, Cool towels will be charge to staffs salary of whole department.

For Silverware

No permitted level of losses is applied for silverware (forks, spoons, knives), any losses will be charged to staffs salary.

For Bath towel, Hand towel, Bath robe

Any damage must be reported with the checking of Inventory Accountant

Any loss in room must be immediately informed Front office for collection. In the case that it is can not be collected, a daily losses report must be filled with signature of Room Attendant and approval of Front Office Manager to show that the room attendant already called Front office, and Front office had tried to collect the item but they can not. Any difference between the daily losses reports and the losses that discovered at the end of the month when making physical count is charge to housekeeping staffs

The losses in Spa, Lifeguard departments also be charged to staffs salary.

For other equipments that are not listed above

Any damage must be reported with the checking of Inventory Accountant, the report must clearly states the reason for damage, and be approved by head of department.

Any damage without report and be discovered during physical count process will be charged to staffs salary of the whole respective department.

Strict adherence to this policy is expected.


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