Gatepass Policy

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Gatepass Policy

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The objective of this policy is to control all Hotel properties if some items are to be taken out from the Hotel for repairs or for whatever reason. Hotel properties taken out from the hotel must be covered by a "Gatepass" form signed by Department Heads concerned and approved by General Manager


A- Hotel ‘s Items:

Each Department Head should have Gatepass forms in their office in case they are needed by themselves or by one of their staff members.

A form with " Specimen Signatures " of the General Manager and all Department Head is to be kept in the Security office at all times with a copy for the security office at the staff entrance and at the back of the exit way.

The form is to be filled in by a Department Head only. It must indicate clearly the following

- Where the item is going to
- Date
- Which department it is coming from
- Full description of the item and the quantity
- Reason for taking out the item

After the Gatepass form is completed, the Department Head has to sign and then forward it to the General Manager for approval. The Gatepass form will then be sent back to the Department Head concerned.

The item to be taken out from the premises together with the proper Gatepass form signed by the Department Head and the General Manager then presented to the Security office

The Security Supervisor will check the items presented correspond with the information written on the Gatepass form. He/ she then signs the form and permits the item to be carried out of the Hotel

Gatepass form use and distribution

- The first copy will be sent to the Department Head concerned who will follow up on the item to be returned to the Hotel.
- The second copy will be kept at Security office file.
- The third copy will be given to the person who carries the item out of the Hotel.
When the item is returned to the hotel, the third copy will have to come along with the item.

The Security Officer has to counter - sign the Gatepass form and then inform the Department Head concerned, that the item has been returned

The Security Office will attach the third copy with the second copy which was kept by the

Office earlier, and record that the item has been returned to the Hotel, indicating

the date and time.

B- Gifts to Hotel Staff

Any gift by guests to staff members must be presented to the respective Department Head first.

The staff member must be able to tell him/ her from whom the gift has been obtained.

The Department Head will then decide whether to verify this information with the guest

before issuing a Gatepass.

The Gatepass form must be approved by the General Manager

Security Office should have separate file for keeping the forms of items which will have : " To Be Returned " and " Not Be Returned " to the Hotel for easy control and follow - up


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