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Key Control

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Strengthen controlling for Hotel’s property. Streamline the process of key controlling


Staffs of each department are responsible for their keys, and keep the keys on all working time.

At night time, when the staffs are leaving, the keys of the departments will be left at security check point on key box. The key of one department is put in an envelope and sealed with the signature of the staff of this department. Especially for the master key, it should be always in an envelope with the signature of night duty managers.

The security staff whose is in charge at night time must be responsible for keeping the keys, and he is the one who fills in the logbook with the name of the person getting the key or returning the key back. If the key is store's key, the key receiver must note down the items that have been taken from store on the key logbook when she or he return the key.

At night time, only Duty Manager is authorized to take the keys from key box, especially for the master key. The person who wants to take the key must inform Duty Manager and come to take the key with him. For returning the key, Duty Manager must sign in the logbook, and put the key in an envelope that is sealed with his or her signature when returning the key.


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