Taking Inventory For Beverage Service

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Taking Inventory For Beverage Service

Bài gửi  Admin on Sat Nov 29, 2014 9:52 am

Quality standard

Beverage supplies count is taken accurately and completely at the end of the shift. Closing shift quantity on hand actual for each item matches the recorded closing inventory on hand as indicated in the daily bar sales and inventory report.


1. Store and gather similar item to facilitate counting.
2. Count according to sequence; indicate in the daily bar sales and inventory report.
3. Count items in full bottle according to quantity of bottles available.
4. Count opened spirits and liquors according to number of serving available for sale in the bottle, use the bottle scale specified for the bottle.
. Aperitif 100cl. = 22 drinks.
. Aperitif 70cl. = 16 drinks.
. Aperitif 75cl. = 17 drinks
. Sherry / Port 75cl. = 16 drinks
. Liquor 75cl. = 25 drinks.
. Cognac 70cl = 24 drinks.
5. Count draft beer tank and soft drink tank, according to quantity of drinks available for sale remaining in the tank.
. Beer 30.1 = 90 glasses.
. Soft drink = 500 glass.
6. Double check actual count against recorded count.


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