Setting up the Bar – Standard

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Setting up the Bar – Standard

Bài gửi  Admin on Sat Nov 29, 2014 8:41 am

Quality standard

All bar area are set up according to standard, the moment the outlet is opened, until closing time


1. Set up polished glassware in the rack, work counter & chiller.

2. Prepare Bar supplies in the bar counter pick up area.
. Cocktail Stirrers
. Cocktail Picks
. Bending Straw
. Wrapped Straw
. Coaster
. Cocktail Napkin
. Bar Tray
. Bill Folder.

3. Prepare sufficient forms for all reports:
. Daily Bar Inventory & Sales Report.
. Spoilage / Spillage / Breakage Report
. Food & Beverage Transfer Form
. Food Requisition Form
. Beverage Requisition Form
. Full Bottle Sales Report
. Wine Inventory Report
. General Supplies Requisition Form

4. Gather equipment and arrange on the work counter together
Can Opener Fruit Knife
Cutting Board Peeler
Strainer Mixing Glass
Pourer for Liquor Standard Stainless Steel Jigger
Blender Corkscrew
Measuring Spoon Cocktail Shaker
Bar Spoon Condiment Dispenser

1. Arrange all mixing ingredients
Refined Sugar Angostura Bitter
Chocolate Powder Brown Sugar
Sugar Syrup Lime Juice
Cinnamon Powder Whipped Cream
Tabasco Worcestershire Sauce
Nutmeg Choco Syrup
Salt & Pepper Fresh Milk
Grenadine Syrup Creamer.

2. Set up garnishes together, the prepared fruit and preserved fruits are placed in individual compartment of the condiment dispenser.
3. Set up the bar mammal in an area, where it is clean, dry, and easily accessible.
4. Display the standard and premium brands in the back bar for better merchandising.
5. Set up the pouring brands in the Speed rail.
6. Set up draft beer tank, soft drink syrup & CO2 tanks, neatly and covered, not visible to the guest.
7. Set up the clean ice in the ice bin in an area near the glassware display and storage.
8. Set up clean and dry mats on the floor area, drip mats for the glassware near the sink.
9. Set up step on garbage bin with plastic liner.
10. Set up glass rack for the collection of used glassware.


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