Reporting Breakage and Loss

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Reporting Breakage and Loss

Bài gửi  Admin on Sat Nov 29, 2014 8:38 am

Quality standard
Breakage and loss of operating equipment in the bar is covered by breakage and loss report with the item attched at the end of the shift.


1. Get a copy of the breakage / loss/ spillage / spoilage report, accomplish in 2 copies
White – F & B cost control
Blue - F & B
2. Indicate the date of the form.
3. Indicate the type of report : Breakage, Spillage, Spoilage or Loss
4. Indicate the location
5. Indicate the name of item and description of item
6. Indicate the size
7. Indicate the quantity broken or lost.
8. Indicate the reason for the breakage or incident report of the loss.
9. Submit to the Outlet Manager together with the item for approval.
10. Outlet Manager investigates the reason for breakage and indentify proper charging
11. Forward to F & B for notation.
12. Send the report to the F & B cost controller together with the item.


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