Reading a Cocktail Recipes

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Reading a Cocktail Recipes

Bài gửi  Admin on Sat Nov 29, 2014 8:37 am

Quality standard

All Bartenders who are hired and assigned in the bar are capable of reading standard recipe card for cocktails. And should be familiar with at least 50 % of the total recipes in the bar


1. Read the name of the drink which is printed on top of the recipe centered on the page
2. Read the type of glassware to be used, which is printed on the top right hand side
3. Read and understand all the ingredients required to prepare the drink
4. Read the quantity and unit of measure needed for each ingredient.
5. Read the method of preparation, for the step-by step procedure in preparing the cocktail.
6. Read the bottom left hand side for the type of ingredient to be used.
7. Each cocktails recipe prepared should be according to the specified standard in the recipe to ensure consistency in quality, in presentation and costing of the drink.
8. For any complains regarding the drink, immediately inform the Restaurant Manager, so the recipe can be retested and reviewed.


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