Preparing Tea For Service

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Preparing Tea For Service

Bài gửi  Admin on Sat Nov 29, 2014 8:36 am

Quality standard

Hot tea is prepared for service no more than 5 minutes after the captain’s order or printer slip has been received for the order.


1. Pre-rinse the pot.
2. Check the pot for cleanliness and condition.
3. Pour tea leaves 2 teaspoons into the pot for special tea in loose leaves.
4. Fill the pot with hot water until ¾ filled.
5. Fill the second pot of hot water.
6. Set the pot on a bread plate with linen under liner. Set 1 pot of hot water on the bread plate.
7. Set a demi –tasse saucer with 2 lemon wedge and a lemon squeezer next to the lemon, with the handle on the right.
8. Set a tea strainer on a holder for special tea in loose leaf.
9. Set a milk jug with warm fresh milk if preferred by the guest.
10. A cup and saucer with a tea spoon set on the right, is prepared for the service.
11. A piece of cookies is placed on the left side of the saucer ( at 7 o’clock position).
12. Serve an extra pot of hot water, with hot tea service.


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