Preparing Mise-en-Place

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Preparing Mise-en-Place

Bài gửi  Admin on Sat Nov 29, 2014 8:35 am

Quality standard

All mise-en-place for the bar are completed at least 30 minutes before the opening hour.


1. Polish all stock glassware in the rack
2. Polish and arrange bar tools.
3. Prepare garnishes
4. Prepare sugar syrup.
5. Prepare lemon juice.
6. Prepare fruit slices for juice.
7. Prepare ice in the bin.
8. Prepare iced tea mix.
9. Prepare iced coffee mix.
10. Collect requisition for beverage and food supplies.
11. Arrange newly requisitioned in the carbinet
12. Transfer fresh fruit juice and fruit from the kitchen
13. Transfer ice cream and whipped cream from the kitchen.
14. Chill glassware
15. Chill beer and other canned beverage.
16. Check temperature of all bar chiller.
17. Check and arrange bar chiller
18. Clean and arrange wine chiller
19. Check quantity of soft drink syrup and draft beer.
20. Prepare complimentary bar snacks.
21. Prepare welcome drinks for groups.
22. Prepare sufficient service cloth and mats.
23. Prepare ashtray and matches for bar counter.
24. Set up bar counter.


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