Preparing Garnishes

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Preparing Garnishes

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Quality standard

Standard garnishes are specified in the recipe cards for beverage orders are used each time a drink is prepared and dispensed.


1. Prepared only enough fruit garnishes for the shift or day’s business. Old garnishes should be reported as spoilage and should be thrown later.
2. Put on clean gloves before you gather the fruits.
3. Know the average drink sold per night for each type of drink.
4. Slice lemon wedge and keep in the condiment container.
5. Slice lemon wheel and keep in the condiment container.
6. Slice pineapple flag with cherry and keep in the condiment container.
7. Slice water melon and keep in the condiment container.
8. Keep mint leaves in bunches, with stems in the ice cold water.
9. The citrus fruit garnishes should be kept chilled so that they do not deteriorate, a small amount can be held in the condiment dispenser at room temperature, and the remainder should be held in a clean, dry container covered with plastic cling wrap, refrigerator until needed.
10. For stemmed cherry, cocktail onions and olive garnishes, put a pick through the garnish to detect any pits and for the guest case of picking out garnish from the drink.
11. Olives, cocktail onions and cherries should be returned to a close jar with their juice for refrigeration and storage over night. All other garnishes should be covered with a cling wrap for refrigeration overnight.
12. After slicing the fruits pick up garnishes with the tongs and place in the appropriate tray or bucket
13. Wash thoroughly all utensils used and place in their original position.
14. Any fruits that not to be used must be wrapped in cling wrap and stored in a fridge.


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