Preparing & Serving Young Coconut

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Preparing & Serving Young Coconut

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Quality standard

Young coconut should always be stored in a fridge as soon as they arrive. They have a shelf life of only 5-7 days.
You will need the following mise-en-place:
. A large knife or a good machete
. 1 B&B plate
. 1 Dessert spoon
. Drinking straw


1. Take the coconut out of the fridge and place on chopping board or bench.
2. Cut with machete/knife three incisions into the top of the coconut, leaving one side uncut.
3. Make a trap door effect on the top of the coconut.
4. When cutting the coconut, use the bench or chopping board (if you confident to hold the coconut in your hand and cut it, proceed)
5. Leave the top open and inspect the inside of the coconut. The milk should be clear and no other particles inside.
6. The flesh inside the coconut should be transparent and soft (if not discard the coconut)
7. Place the coconut onto the dollied B&B plate.
8. Place the dessert spoon at the top of the plate with the handle pointing in a 3 o’clock direction.
9. Insert drinking straw into the coconut and prepared to serve the coconut to the guest.

NOTE : Always check that the taste of the coconut juice is sweet and with no bitter astringencies. Use the following method to check the taste of the young coconut.
Get a plastic drinking straw and slowly submerge it into the juice with your index finger over on top of the straw while submerging it. The juice will be taken inside the straw. Lift straw back out of the coconut with your finger still holding the top of the straw. Release your finger and the liquid will fall out of the straw.
Never re-use the same straw (for hygiene)


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