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• This scheme is targeted at international students from foreign Hotel Schools.
• A foreign trainee may:
• either have a degree or diploma from a recognised hotel management school or university abroad;
• or be studying for a degree or diploma at a recognised hotel management school abroad.
• The maximum number of foreign trainees is 3 per calendar year.
• The objective is to establish a good source of recruitment for the hotels and develop an effective network for identifying potential managers.
• The Trainees will receive normal operational training as an intern.
• Foreign trainees are entitled to the same rights and benefits as the regular hotel staff, and are required to obey the same hotel rules and regulations.
• The staff level is “Trainee”. As such, s/he has no authority over the staff. However, if a Department Head would like a foreign trainee to carry out a project or assume a position of authority, s/he should inform the staff in advance.
• The duration of the training shall be 3 months during which the trainee will undergo training in various departments. This period may not be extended in line with Vietnamese Immigration law.
• All applications and enquiries shall be channelled to the Human Resources Manager, who shall respond to the applicants.
• In the case of an applicant who is in China, the Human Resources Manager will interview the applicant, and recommend or reject him/her on the basis of this interview. References shall be obtained for applicants who are living abroad.
• The Human Resources Manager will choose up to three candidates for the following year, and offer the students a position as a foreign trainee according to the conditions in the contract.
• When an offer is accepted, the Human Resources Manager will send a 3-month training plan to the trainee, and ask him/her to adapt it to meet his/her needs. It must be sent back and reach the Human Resources Manager before the trainee arrives.
• The training plan will be distributed to the Department Head in advance of the trainee arriving, so that s/he can make sure that their Department Trainers include the foreign trainee in their monthly departmental training plan as appropriate.
• The Department Trainer must indicate clearly on his/her monthly departmental training plan when s/he is training the foreign trainee and what s/he is training.
• The trainee will undergo the normal Employee General Orientation and Departmental Orientation on his/her first working day before following the training plan.
• When the trainee has been trained in a department, the Human Resources Manager will ask the trainee to make a report. The trainee should send a copy of the report to the Human Resources Manager and to the Department Head
of the department where s/he has just finished training.
• The trainee shall be rostered to work in the different shifts as required in each department. However, the shift to which the trainee is assigned, must not prevent the training plan from being carried out.
• The Training Manager will arrange to meet the trainee every 2 weeks to talk about his/her progress, and to discuss any training needs or problems.
• The trainee will be evaluated continuously in the same way as the other employees in accordance with the hotel’s Performance Management System.
• If the Department Head is satisfied with the performance, effort and contribution of the trainee at the end of the 3-month training period, s/he will issue a letter indicating this.
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