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Food & Beverage Manager
1. Objectives
• To standardise the basic service skills throughout the operation.
• To develop the training skills of the Outlet Managers and their assistants so that the department has a strong group of trainers.

2. The Trainers
• The Trainers will be the Outlet Managers and their Assistant.
• The Outlet Managers are still expected to conduct skills training in their own outlets according to the needs of their outlet. For example, new staff should still be trained on a daily basis in the basic skills, and existing staff should still receive remedial training as required. (See the Training Recommendation called Departmental Skills Training for guidelines about outlet skills training.)

3. The Topics
• The training conducted in the Academy will focus on generic knowledge and skills, which determine the basic service standards of the Food & Beverage outlets.
• When a skill or topic of knowledge is trained in the Academy, all F&B employees will attend the training so that the standard of performance in that skill is the same throughout the department.
• After consulting with the F&B general staff and Outlet Managers, the Asst. F&B Manager (or Supervisors) will issue every 2 weeks a list of topics that need to be trained.

4. Academy Training Class Details
• Monday - Saturday
• 3 p.m. – 4 p.m.
• Show Dining Restaurant

5. Carrying Out the Skills Training
• The Asst. F&B Manager will send to each Outlet Manager a Training Nomination & Attendance Form for each training topic, one week in advance.
• The Outlet Managers will return this form to the Asst. F&B Manager at the latest by noon on the Friday before the following week’s training, indicating who from their outlets will attend each day.
• The Asst. F&B Manager will decide who will be the Trainer for each topic, and inform the Trainer(s) at least a week in advance.
• As much as possible, the Trainers should prepare and carry out their training sessions using the format and skills trained in the Train The Trainer course. The standard for the skills is contained in the Food & Beverage Service Skills Training Manual. The Trainer should prepare the training materials and equipment.
• If an employee needs further training in a skill, the Academy Trainer should ask the employee’s Outlet Manager to send the employee to another training class on the same topic.
• If there will be no more classes on that topic, the Trainer should ask the employee’s outlet Trainer to provide follow-up training.
• When the employees attend a class, they will sign the Food & Beverage Academy Training Nomination Form.
• The form should be placed in a file and kept in the Food & Beverage Department Offices.
• The skills trained to each employee will be recorded in the Training software according to the procedure agreed.

6. Evaluation
• The Asst. F&B Manager will send a report about the training to the EAM F&B every 2 weeks, together with feedback from the employees, who have attended the training.
• The Outlet Manager will follow-up on the training to observe whether the employees are performing the trained skills at the required standard. The guideline for evaluation is the standard written down in the Food & Beverage Service Skills Training Manual. If there is a need to improve the way an employee performs a skill, it should be dealt with immediately.
• Employees will receive a certificate after meeting the standards of the generic service skills as outlined in the Food & Beverage Service Skills Training Manual.

7. Outlet General Skills Training
While the Academy training is taking place, each Outlet Manager will make and carry out a monthly skills training plan according to the guidelines in the Training Policy and Procedure Departmental Skills Training.


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