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• The Hotel considers that the health and safety of its employees, guests, clients and members of the public is of great importance.
• The Hotel, through management and training at all levels, has a responsibility to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and prevention of injuries to all employees whilst at work. In accepting this responsibility it will provide information, instruction and training to all employees and contractors as stated below, and ensure that all employees are fully familiar with these procedures at all times.

1. Internal Fire Training
• The Human Resources and Engineering Departments will arrange for all management and staff to be trained in fire prevention and how to extinguish a fire twice a year. Together the two departments will create and implement an effective fire-training programme, which will be measured, evaluated and revised as necessary.
• All new employees, including those casually employed, will receive fire training during their General Orientation on their first day at work. When conducting General Staff Orientation, the Training Manager will show the staff the means of
escape, and tell them about the fire evacuation procedures and their responsibilities in the event of fire on their first day.
• Casual staff will receive the same fire training as full-time employees. Department Heads will ensure that all casual staff in their departments are included in all fire training activities.
• The Head of Engineering will train his Engineering staff how to inform contractors about exactly what action they must take in the event of a fire, as well as how to prevent a fire occurring during their work.
• Fire training for all hotel employees will be both knowledge- and practice-oriented, and will include the following mandatory subjects:
• What to do on discovering a fire in any interior or exterior part of the hotel.
• How to raise the alarm, including knowing the location of alarm call points and indicator panels.
• The action to be taken on hearing the alarm.
• Knowledge of escape routes, assembly points and the roll call procedures.
• The evacuation procedure for the hotel.
• The location and use of portable fire extinguishers.
• Understanding of indicators and warnings on indicator panels.
• The location of hose reels, which equipment is appropriate for a particular fire, and when and how it is safe to use it.
• Fire safety education.
• To assist the Hotel Fire Safety Manager (The Chief of Security) in his/her duties, s/he will attend a Train the Trainer course held by the Training Manager.
• The Hotel Fire Safety Manager will guide the Fire Safety Committee about how to carry out their Committee functions.
• The Hotel Fire Safety Manager will train the day shift and night shift In-house Fire Fighting Teams in their duties. (One team per shift.)
• The Hotel Fire Safety Manager will train the Section Fire Safety Managers in their duties.
• The Training Manager and the Hotel Fire Safety Manager will organise training twice a year for all hotel employees about the Fire Emergency Plan, which will include the following topics:
• The Duties and Responsibilities of the Fire Safety Committee Members
• The Duties and Responsibilities of Fire Safety Managers.
• Staff Training
• Fire Prevention
• Fire and Smoke Detection Systems
• Fire Fighting Systems
• Fire Alarm – General Procedures
• Fire Contingency Plan
• Liasing with the Fire Authorities
• Evacuation – General Procedures
• Fire/Evacuation – Specific Departments
• Duties after the Fire
• So that the trained knowledge and skills always remain fresh in the mind of the employees, it is recommended that the Supervisors use the Daily Briefing at least once a month to revise the fire procedures.
• The Department Head should carry out spot-checks of his/her staff to make sure that they know the fire procedures, and report any training needs to the Supervisor, who will provide remedial training as necessary.
• There will be a monthly fire drill practice to practise dealing with a fire alarm.
• The hotel employees will practise the hotel evacuation procedure once a year


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