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• The Princess D’Annam is committed to participating actively in the continuous improvement and protection of the environment for our guests, our employees, and the global community.
• We seek to educate and train our employees in order to increase their environmental awareness, and to encourage them to act in an environmentally responsible manner at work and at home. We also actively communicate our environmental approach to our employees, our guests, and the community, both locally and globally.
• The General Staff Orientation will explain the approach and goals of the hotel’s environmental programme.
• In the Departmental Orientation, the Department Head / Team Leader will explain to the new employee how the employee’s department and team help to protect the environment in their work.
• All employees will attend an environmental education workshop within three months of starting work. After that, they will attend at least one refresher course per year.
• The majority of environmental education will be carried out through:
• the departmental and public notice boards;
• environmental education activities in the community arranged by the hotel’s Green Committee;
• guided tours of the environmentally friendly features of the hotel, with an
explanation of how and why the hotel is helping to protect the environment;
• internal competitions involving the employees and / or their families.
• The Department Head will include a brief discussion of the department’s performance regarding environmental protection in the Monthly Departmental Team Meeting.
• It is recommended that the extent to which a team is successful in protecting the environment in its area is included in the Performance Review of each team member.


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