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• An essential part of creating, developing and sustaining a resort culture based on creating truly memorable experiences with an exemplary standard of quality, warm, and caring service as stated in the vision statement is to develop the following qualities and skills in all team members and team leaders:
• Teamwork Skills, so that employees can work effectively in teams, and hold productive team briefings and meetings;
• Interaction Skills, which the employees need to work with colleagues, leaders and customers, solve quality problems, address customer service issues, handle job conflicts, and form collaborative relationships;
• Quality Awareness and Improvement Skills, which will enable employees to focus on customer requirements, and make continuous improvements to our products and services;
• Customer Service Skills, so that employees can handle everyday and extraordinary customer service situations with prompt, efficient, courteous, warm and caring attention, and provide employees with the confidence and competence to consistently meet; exceed at every opportunity customer expectations; create truly memorable experiences; and provide creative service.
• All team members are required to attend relevant workshops within the first two years of their employment at the hotel.
• The Training Department will announce each course in the monthly training plan, which the Department Heads will receive no later than 1 working week before the next month.
• The Training Department will send a memo to each Department Head one week before the course begins informing him/her about how many employees s/he should send to attend the course.
• The Department Head should assign the requested employees, and send a name list to the Training Department no later than 4 days before the course.
• The Department Heads and Team Leaders should ideally attend the same course before their team members so that they can orientate the course participants about the purpose of the course and the main points, before they attend it, and plan suitable follow-up action so that training is transferred.


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