Essential Service English for the Doorman

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Essential Service English for the Doorman

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Section 1. When New Guests Arrive at the Palace

1.1 Greeting the guests

1.1.1 New arrivals

* Good morning, (name). Welcome to the kingdom of the Princess D’Annam.

* How are you today? ... I’m glad to hear that.

* Allow me (as you open the door or take luggage from a guest).

* We will take care of your luggage.

1.1.2 Repeat-guests

* Good morning, (name). Welcome back to the kingdom of the Princess D’Annam.

* How are you today? ... I’m glad to hear that.

1.1.3 Guests in residence

* Good morning, (Mr / Mrs / Ms (name).

* Good morning, (sir).

* Good evening, (madam).

* How was your trip to ...?

* How was your (morning)?

* Have you had a pleasant (day)?

1.2 Helping a guest get out of a car

* May I help you with (that / those)?

* (Four) items. Is that correct?

* Allow me to help you with (that / those).

* Mind your head.

1.3 Helping a guest get into a car

* May I put (this / these) in the boot?

* Would you like to put this on the (front / back) seat?

* Would you like to sit in the (front / back), (sir)?

* Mind your head.

1.4 Showing a guest to Reception (only if necessary)

* Reception is just over there, (name). I wish you a very wonderful stay with us.
* Allow me to take you to Reception, (name).

* Please follow me to Reception, (name).

1.5 Conversation on the way to Reception

* I see that you have just flown from (London). You must be very tired.

* Is this your first visit to Jaipur / India?

Yes / No: * If you need any tourist information, please ask at Reception.
* I hope you have a wonderful time.

1.6 Leaving the guests

* (To the Receptionist:) This is (Mr and Mrs (name)).

* (To the guests:) This is (name). She will take care of you now. I hope you have a wonderful stay with us. Goodbye.

Introduce the guests by name to a Receptionist. Don’t just leave them.

Section 2. Assisting Guests During Their Stay

2.1 Offering assistance

* Good morning, (Mr / Mrs / Ms (name). May I help you?

* Is there anything (else) I can do for you?

2.2 Helping a guest who wants a taxi

* I’ll call a taxi. Where would you like to go?

* Do you have the address (of where you are going) in Hindi?

No: * Please write down the address in English, and I will write it in Hindi.
* It will take about (15) minutes to get there.

2.3 Directing cars on the forecourt

* I’m sorry, (sir). Cars cannot park here.

This space is reserved.

Would you kindly move your car?

* Could you park over there, please? ... Thank you very much, (sir).

* The car park is just around the corner on the right. ... Thank you.

* Go (forwards / backwards) a little more, please ... That’s fine, (sir / madam).

* You can turn around over there, (sir / madam).

* The way out is this way.

2.4 When a guest passes by

* Good (morning), (sir / madam / (name)).

Section 3. When Guests Leave the Hotel

3.1 Saying goodbye to a departing guest

* Good morning, ( (name).). Did you have a pleasant stay? ... Good. / I’m sorry.

No: May I ask what the problem was?

* Thank you very much for staying at the Princess D’Annam, (name). I hope we can welcome you again.

* I wish you a pleasant flight. Goodbye.

* I wish you a safe journey back to (Bangkok). Goodbye.


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