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English for the Spa

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Useful English Phrases and Dialogue Greetings


1. Sawasdee kaa khun……… . My name is …….., I will be your therapist today.

2. I will escort you to the treatment room. Follow me, please.


3. This is the treatment room. Come in please, and have a look at the room.

(We walk through the room with the guest, and after that:)

4. What kind of music would you like during the treatment?

5. Please have a look at the music menu and let me know.
(Pass the music menu to the guest)
6. This is the changing room.
7. Here is your robe. Please take off all your clothes and put the robe on.
8. Please take off all your jewellery and leave it in this box.
9. Please come to the treatment area when you are ready. I will wait for you there.

10. Today I will give you a …… massage.

11. Is there any area you would like me to concentrate on?
(If yes:) Let me have a look, please.

12. Is there any area you would like me to be especially careful of?
(If yes:) Let me have a look please.

13.Would you like soft, medium or strong pressure?
คุณต้องนวดแบบเบา ปานกลาง หรือว่าหนักค่ะ

14.We will use this organic …. oil for your treatment. Do you like it?
(Present it to the guest.)

15.During the treatment we will cover your privacy with a towel.
Do you prefer a small or a big towel?

16.Please remove your robe. Pass it to my left (right) hand.

17. Please lie down on your stomach and put your face in the head
rest. (Check the head rest.)

18.Are you comfortable?
(If the guest says NO, act accordingly)

19.If you are uncomfortable at any time, please let me know.

20.I will clean your feet with a hot towel.

ฉันจะใช้ผ้าร้อนเช็ดเท้าให้คุณ กรุณานอนคว่ำ

(After cleaning support the ankles with the towels. Start the treatment, and after a few strokes ask the guest:)

21. Is this pressure alright?


(After two minutes ask the guest:)

22.Is the room temperature and light convenient for you?


(After you have finished the back side, ask:)

23.Please turn over.

24.Are you comfortable?

25.Would you like me to cover your eyes?

26.(For female guests:) Would you like me to massage your chest as well?

27. (Sometimes ask: Is this pressure alright?)

28. (Before starting the head and face massage, ask: ) Please excuse me.

I will wash my hands before I begin your head and face massage.

29. This is the end of your treatment. Please rest a while. I will

prepare a refreshment for you. Would you prefer some cold or hot tea?

กรุณาพักสักครู่ ฉันจะกลับมาในไม่ช้า กรุณานั่ง

30. How do you feel, Khun ……? Right now you still have some oil

on your skin. I would suggest you to leave it on. If you prefer I

will wipe some extra oil off.

(We ALWAYS wipe it off the feat)

31. May I help you to sit up?

(Bring the guest to the drink/fruit.)

32.Enjoy your refreshment.

(Take the guest to changing room.)

33. Please change your clothes. When you are ready, I will go with you to Reception where a spa consultant will take care of you.


34. Thank you very much. Sawasdee ka. I wish you a wonderful day/evening and I hope very much to see you again.

35. This is your bath. You have ….. minutes. I will let you know when to come out.

นี่คืออ่างอาบน้ำ คุณใช้เวลา……..นาที ฉันจะกลับมารับคุณเมื่อคุณอาบเสร็จ

36. This is the steam room. You have …… minutes. I will let you know when to come out.

(If a guest does not answer a question, you should repeat your question. If you don’t understand his answer, ask: I beg your pardon?)

Additional English

· How is the temperature?

· Is the volume of the music all right?

· Could you make it warmer, please?

· Please sit up.

· Would you like me to focus on your shoulder?

avoid this area?

· I’m sorry. We don’t provide that service here.

· Your massage has finished, (name).


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