Positions in the Kitchen - Các chức danh trong bộ phận Bếp

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Positions in the Kitchen - Các chức danh trong bộ phận Bếp

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are various titles given to those working in a professional kitchen and
each can be considered a title for a type of chef. Many of the titles
are based on the brigade system (Brigade de cuisine), documented by
Georges Auguste Escoffier, while others have a more general meaning
depending on the individual kitchen. Not all restaurants will use these
titles as each establishment may have its own set guidelines to
organization. Specialized and hierarchal chef titles are usually found
only in fine-dining, upscale restaurants; kitchen staff members at
casual restaurants such as diners are more often called "cook" or
"short-order cook".[1]

Executive Chef (Chef de Cuisine) (Head Chef)

person in charge of all things related to the kitchen usually including
menu creation, management, scheduling, and payroll of entire kitchen
staff, ordering, and plating design. Chef de Cuisine is the traditional
French term from which the English word chef comes, and is more common
in European kitchens. Executive Chef is more common in the U.S. and
England. Head Chef is often used to designate someone with the same
duties as an executive chef, but there is usually someone in charge of
them, possibly making the larger executive decisions such as direction
of menu, final authority in staff management decisions, etc. This is
often the case for chefs with several restaurants.
Sous chef
sous-chef de cuisine (under-chef of the kitchen) is the direct
assistant of the executive chef and is second in command. They may be
responsible for scheduling, and filling in when the executive chef is
off-duty. The Sous Chef will also fill in for, or assist the chef de
partie (line cook) when needed. Smaller operations may not have a sous
chef, while larger operations may have multiple.[2]
Expediter (Aboyeur)
expediter takes the orders from the dining room and relays them to the
stations in the kitchen. This person also often puts the finishing
touches on the dish before it goes to the dining room. In some
operations this task may be done by either the executive chef or the
sous chef.[3]
Chef de Partie
chef de partie, also known as a "station chef" or "line cook", is in
charge of a particular area of production. In large kitchens, each
station chef might have several cooks and/or assistants. In most
kitchens however, the station chef is the only worker in that
department. Line cooks are often divided into a hierarchy of their own,
starting with "First Cook", then "Second Cook", and so on as needed.
Station chef titles which are part of the brigade system include-[4]
Sauté Chef (Saucier) [sos.je] - Responsible for all sautéed items and their sauce. This is usually the highest position of all the stations.
Fish Chef (Poissonier) [pwɑ.so.ɲe] -
Prepares fish dishes and often does all fish butchering as well as
appropriate sauces. This station may be combined with the saucier
Roast Chef (Rotisseur) [ʀo.ti.sœʀ] - Prepares roasted and braised meats and their appropriate sauce.
Grill Chef (Grillardin) [gʀi.jaʀ.dɛ̃] - Prepares all grilled foods, this position may be combined with the rotisseur.
Fry Chef (Friturier) [fʀi.ty.ʀje] - Prepares all fried items, position may be combined with the rotisseur position.
Vegetable Chef (Entremetier) [ã.tʀə.me.tje] -
Prepares hot appetizers and often prepares the soups, vegetables,
pastas and starches. In a full brigade system a potager would prepare
soups and a legumier would prepare vegetables.
Roundsman (Tournant) [tuʀ.nã] - Also referred to as a swing cook, fills in as needed on station in kitchen.
Pantry Chef (Garde Manger) [gaʀd mã.ʒe] They are responsible for preparing cold foods, including salads, cold appetizers, pâtés and other charcuterie items.
Butcher (Boucher) [bu.ʃe] - Butchers meats, poultry and sometimes fish. May also be responsible for breading meats and fish.
Pastry Chef (Pâtissier) [pa.ti.sje] -
Prepare baked goods, pastries and desserts. In larger establishments,
the pastry chef often supervises a separate team in their own kitchen or
separate shop.
commis is an apprentice in larger kitchens that works under a chef de
partie in order to learn the station's responsibilities and
operation.[3] This may be a chef who has recently completed formal
culinary training or is still undergoing training


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