Bill presentation

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Bill presentation

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Observe them to see they are finished their meal or not.

Just inform cashier to prepare, Do not prink the bill keeping on the side station until the guest requests for it.


When the bill is prepared, check that all the items listed are correct and accurately charged.
Prepare a neat and clean bill folder.
Place the bill inside the folder or clipped to bill clipboard. If folder has logo make sure it will face the guest right away. Always place a pen with ink into bill folder or have it presented to the guest upon them checking the bill (Room charge, visa card or cash payment)
Present the bill to the host/ess with right hand placing it on guest’s right side with saying “This is your bill please”.
For room charge: Politely ask the guest to write full name, room number and signature.
For card payment (visa, master, etc), get the card and give to cashier for check and follow cashier construction to ask the guests to sign.
For cash payment, check carefully and send immediately to cashier for charging and posting the bill.
Thank you is always given to guest.


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