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Clear buffet

Bài gửi  Admin on Sun Oct 14, 2012 1:35 pm

Clearing plates from a table (buffet) requires flexibility. You must be able to clear plates individually or as a group a la carte style

Clear plates, cutlery and scraps without any noise.


1. Approach the guest on the right hand side saying “Excuse me sir/madam, May I take your plate away”

2. Upon approval from the guest move your right hand foot in alongside the guest’s chair.

3. Pick up the plate with your right hand. Crab the rim of the plate using right thumb and lift gently with the rest of fingers supporting the bottom part.

4. Step slightly backward from the table and transfer the plate onto the tray in your left hand.

5. Place your in centre of the tray with the cutlery on the right hand side. Apply 3S (separate, scrape, and stack)

6. Proceeding clockwise to the next guest and on their right hand side, with your right hand pick up their plate.

7. Continue this clearing as many plates that you feel comfortable with. Do not over stack.

Ø Once you finished clearing the table proceed to the nearest workstation for separation of plates, cutlery and scraps.


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