Clear plates from a table (set & a la carte)

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Clear plates from a table (set & a la carte)

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Clearing of soiled plates is the same sequence as serving dishes and beverage, that is standing on the right side of the first female guest (if applicable) to the host/ess left (if know), and follow clockwise.

Do not clear any plate when there’re guests still enjoying. Wait until they all finish


1. Approach the guest on their right hand side and saying, “ Excuse me sir/madam, may I take your plate away”.

2. Upon approval from the guest move your right foot in alongside the right side of the guest’s chair.

3. Pick up the plate with your right hand. (Crab the rim of a plate using right thumb and lift gently with the rest of the fingers supporting the bottom part)

4. Step slightly backward from the table and transfer the plate into left hand, placing your tree large fingers support under plate and your thumb and little finger above it.

5. Pick up the guest’s fork with right hand by handle and place the handle at 6:00 o’clock and the prongs at 12:00 o’clock onto the plate in your left hand.

6. Proceed to pick up cutlery that may not have been used, i.e. appetizer knife.

7. Turn slightly scrape any food left-over to the top of the plate using left over knife.

8. After scraping with your right hand, place the knife blade under the fork, allowing the fork to overlap the knife. (if have spoons put them alongside the fork).

9. Proceed in clockwise direction to next guest and follow steps 2 to 4.

10. Step slightly back from the table and with your right hand place the plate with front of plate supported by your left thumb and little finger, the rest of the plate resting on your left forearm.

11. Again, turn slightly away from the guest and with your right hand discreetly scrape any food leftovers from the plate onto the plate below.

12. Place used cutlery on the plate below with forks overlapping knifes. Use your left thumb to secure the bottom fork handle.

Continue this procedure clearing as many plates as you feel comfortable with. Do not overdo it. You will be capable of clearing more plates through experience


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