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Greeting guest

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Greeting guest is the responsibility of all staff not just for hostess, Manager, Supervisor, ect.

This is very important step because it is the guest’s first impression of what particular outlet

The greetings must be cordial. Guest’s name, if known should be used when greeting. An unknown guest should be greeted the same formality as regular patron. All guest’s patronage is sought; make them feel welcome.


When guest approaches you or waiting to be seated, approach them confidently with a smile at all the times.

Your greeting must be polite yet not over friendly. Using a clear voice, look at the guest in the eyes.

Always state the time of the day/night, e.g. “good morning, good evening,” etc.

Offer assistance, e.g.” How may I help you, sir/madam?”.
Listen closely to what the guest requires. After ascertaining

If they come with the group, ask for how many people in the group.
Ask the guest if they would like seating in smoking or non smoking table.

When taking the guest to their table/seat, walk slowly in front of guests at least a meter away.

Use your open hand to direct the guests. Point direction using your palm only.

Continually look behind you to keep an eyes on your guests.


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