Seating guest and unfold napkin

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Seating guest and unfold napkin

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Once you arrive at the table, unless the host/ess indicates that he will assign the seating of his party, you can start seating your guests, always seat ladies first moving in a clockwise direction, then males and lastly, the host/ess.

An efficient greeter knows what seats are available. The guest should not have to wait for this information. The greeter, when not engaged in greeting and seating the guests should soon the outlet quickly to check the available seat/tables. The guest’s progress, and wherever the guest is in need of service. When extra set -ups and chairs are needed they should be provided before taking the guests to the table.

Common sense dictates where parties of guests should place in the outlet. Use table according to party size. Loud, noisy parties maybe placed towards the back of the outlet as not to disturb other guests. Elderly or handicapped persons may wish to be near the buffet line entrance of the outlet to avoid walking distances. Young couples may prefer corners and a river view.

Always seat ladies first moving in a clockwise direction, then males and lastly, the host/ess

Bring the chair away from the table ensuring that there is enough room for the guest to move in and seat down.

Stand directly behind the chair. With both hands gripping the top of the chair, raise the chair slightly off the floor. Lift the chair slightly so as to have no scrapping noise, use both hands.

Gesture using your open right hand at the same time saying,

e.g.“ Sit down please, sir/madam”

Endeavor to have guest approach the chair from its right hand side (if practicable)

When the guest is about to sit, move directly behind the chair and place you left hand at ten o’clock and your right hand at two o’clock, on the back of the chair.

Position your right knee into the back of the chair and as the guest is beginning to sit, slowly push the chair with hands and knee in towards the table.

Ensure that you do not slide chair in too far. (The guest will make any slight adjustments that may be necessary).

If the cloth napkins are being used, standing on the right side of the guest place the right feet forward. Bend forward slightly and pick -up cloth napkin with the right hand.

Again stand up straight and take one step away from the table open napkin completely

with right hand thumb and forefinger holding one corner, grip the opposite side of the cloth napkin with your left-hand thumb and forefinger. The cloth napkin with naturally fold over forming triangular shape.
Once a triangular shape is formed from napkin place your right foot forward alongside of guest’s chair and at same time bend body slightly.

Stand on guest right, place the napkin on your right hand onto the guest left hand side and your left hand onto guest’s right hand side

Move your upper torso to your left whilst moving right hand (still holding napkin to the guest’s left side.

Once the napkin is above the guest’s lap, place it down gently on the guest’s lap, and then release both hands from the napkin. Step back away from the table.

This procedure should be done for all guests, ladies first moving clockwise at all times, then males and finally the host/ess.

For the hostess (greeter), after seating the guest, before back to the station saying

“Enjoy your meal”

o If a guest leaves the table for some reason the following steps should be taken:

Ø If you can see that the guest is leaving the table, endeavor to assist pulling out their chair as in steps mentioned above.

Ø Once guest has left the table, gently put chair back into the table as a steps above.

Ø Check around the guests’ seat and dining table and look for their napkin and pick up with your right hand (if it is heavily soiled, replace it).

Ø Proceed with steps above, then place the napkin on the right arm (if applicable) of the chair.

Ø If there is no arm on the chair neatly fold the napkin again and place it on the guest’s right hand side of the table.

Ø When the guest returns follow steps from beginning.


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