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Serve food order

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After taking order, according what items ordered, cutlery changing or adding. For Guest orders Vietnamese food, the Vietnamese standard setting up adding. For Western, breads and butter should be served before serving food order.

When serving, changing, or clearing something, ladies are always to be serve first on their right side, then male guests and lastly host, follow clockwise.


Food order is put on a clean tray and brought from kitchen to side station by runner.

Before picking up the dishes always check and wipe with slightly damp cloth any moisture or sauce (if any) on the dishes. Also check for the correct presentation, temperature and portioning.

With right hand, pick up dish and place it between your 3 largest fingers on your left hand, your left-hand thumb and your last finger will not only lock the dish in, but also will support and steady the front of the next plate.

Pick up the next dish in your right hand and place the dish with the front of the dish supported by your left thumb and little finger. Pick up the final dish with your right and keep it in that position.

Approach the guest from the right hand side and excuse to put it on table with mentioning the name of the dish. The second and third dishes still in left hand and arm.

Step back from the table and proceed to the next guest. With right hand pick up the plate resting on your left arm and put it down on table to serve guest within mentioning the name of the dish.

Step back from the table and proceed to next guest. Pass the plate from left hand to right hand and serve him/her within mentioning the name of the dish.

Continue the same standard for the rest of guest until lastly host/ess.

Saying “ Enjoy the meal ” to the guest

During the service time when the guests are having the meal, always check B.B.B (Bread, butter and beverage) and ashtray on the table


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