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Serve drink order

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Prepare to serve.

Check the tray for cleanliness. Tray should always be washed after every shift. Use a clean tray liner (if applicable)

Place a coaster and cocktail napkin for every drink on the tray

Check cleanliness of correct glasses and ensure correct presentation of all drinks (i.e. garnishes, straw, stirrer, accompaniment etc).

Place tall glasses and bottles as close to the center of the tray as possible.

Never overload the tray.

Arrange drinks in order of service sequence, if possible.

Always check that all orders are complete before serving to the guest.

Carry the tray to serve a drink.

Carry the tray on your left side with you left hand, your left hand should be under the center of the tray with your palm and fingers spread out.

Always keep tray close to your body next to your hip, your right hand slightly over the drinks in crowded areas to prevent guest from knocking your tray.

Serve a drink from a tray

Approach guests always on their right hand side (when practicable) excuse you if required.

Placed coaster on the table, logo facing guest, in the line with guest right shoulder (when practicable)

Place the drink on top of the coaster at the same time saying, “You’re …. (Name of the drink.., sir/ madam), always hold glassware at the bottom.

Pouring of all canned or bottled products should be done on the guest’s right hand side.

Place empty glass on drink coaster on the table in line with guest right shoulder (when practicable)

Take the canned / bottled drink from a tray with your right hand and proceed to pour ensuring the can / bottle does not touch the glass.

When pouring a beer, only a beer glass two third full (unless otherwise instructed)

When pouring beers pour the beer as steadily and slowly as possible.

Before you leave the table say, “Please enjoy your drink”


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