Standard Buffer Service Procedures

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Standard Buffer Service Procedures

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As you know Buffet is a exclusive service offered in hotel or restaurant or any other public or private place to provide food & beverage to a large number of guests with very shorter number of staffs. Generally it is self service where food and beverage items are placed in a table and guests have to collect the food from there.

• All buffet food must be prepared according with the standard recipe.

• Quantity must be sufficient with the forecasted sells/occupancy.

• Dishes must be attractive and diversified.

• Choice must be 50% Asian, 50% Western.

• Sous Chef on duty must check before the set up of the buffet that chaffen dish have been clean, refilled with clean water and plugged, electricity switch on by the steward in charge.

• All buffet decoration set up: ethnic display, fruit carving, show piece, bouquet or flower arrangement.

• Dishes for hot buffet must be hot (not warm) ready to be served and properly decorated.

• Cold buffet and salad should be fresh and well decorated, using different type of mirrors, salad board and platters.

• Cold food should be protected with wrap film.

• Hot food should be protected with aluminium foil.

• The hot dishes should be set up accordingly: soup, fish, meat and poultry them vegetable, rice, pasta and potatoes, colour of dishes must be attractive.

• The cold buffet will be accompanied with relish, dressing, garnish etc.

• Buffet tag must be in front of each dish in English and Thai

• A section must be set up for bread display and carving.

• The pastry buffet will be set up by the pastry chef.. But the chef in charge of the buffet must take care of refilling the pastry buffet and keep clean and attractive. If necessary one cook will be helping the guest be cut the pastry and serve the dessert

• The chef in charge must control the hot and cold buffet, refilling accordingly and controlling the buffet during all the service.

• Each buffet must have action show: carving, noodle, flambé

• At time to clear the buffet, the chef in charge must advise the restaurant captain or the person in charge to check if any guest is still eating the buffet.

• Remove the buffet in silence. Call the steward to remove and clean equipment


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