Personal Behavior and Manner

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Personal Behavior and Manner

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Standard :

Always maintains control. Sit, stand, walk and talk well. Work quickly, but do not run.

Act like a lady, or a gentleman, and people will treat you the same.

Procedures :


1. Eat or drink in the guestroom or your working area.

2. Place service clothes under your arm or in your pocket.

3. Watch television in the guestroom.

4. Look at your watch all the time.

5. Jingle coins, keys or play with paper money or your jewellery.


1. Stand straight, feet a little apart, both feet flat on ground.

2. Hands clasped at your back.

3. Hold head up.

4. Look around to see if any guest needs service.


1. Walk tall, head up.

2. Look ahead.

3. Toes pointed forward.

4. Arms swinging slightly.
Standard: When dealing with a guest

· Give him your full attention.

· Stand where he can comfortably see and hear you (in front of him, a little more than an arm’s length distance).

· Face your whole body towards him.

· Look at his eyes.

· Bow slightly towards him.

· Smile.

General appearance:

Be neat, clean and pleasant. Also conscious of your body cleanliness, skin, make-up, hair, teeth, hands, feet, shoes, socks and stockings should be worn with pride, therefore, always be clean, well-pressed and fresh. They should not be worn on the street or any other place, except at work.

Speech and smiles:

Your tone of voice must be pleasant and controlled. Never shout or be sarcastic or impatient. Remember to smile with your eyes, but not laugh. On the telephone, put a smile into your voice.


Be service-minded. Try to see when your service is needed, and offer yourself. One of the keys for success and happiness is service. Think of a successful person, and you will find how he/ she serves.

Look and listen:

When guest speaks to you, maintain eye contact. Don’t look around, or give only half your attention.


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