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Communicate with guests

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Standard :

1) Greetings:

“Good morning, sir/ madam, “Good afternoon, sir/ madam,”

“Good evening, sir/ madam, “May I help you, sir/ madam,”

2) A Guest’s Name is Music to His Ears:
“ Mr. --------------“, “Mrs.--------------“

“Mr. & Mrs. -----“, “Master”

3) Addressing Individual Guest:

“Sir”, “Madam”, “Miss”, “Sir & Madam”

4) Addressing Group of Guest:

“Gentlemen”. ”Ladies & Gentlemen”, “Ladies”, “Lady & Gentlemen”.

5) Exchange of Greetings:

“How are you to day, Mr./ Mrs. __________”

“I’m very well, thank you. And you, sir ?”

6) Answering A Guest’s Call:

“Yes, sir/ madam.”, “May I help you ?”

“I’ll be with you in a moment, sir/ madam.”

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, sir/ madam.”


· Be polite and answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. If you are not sure, ask your Supervisor or call the Housekeeping Office.

· If a Guest asks you for information about the country, etc. , your answer should always be polite, but remember to be as brief as possible. Be helpful without becoming involved in a long conversation and never tell the Guest anything personal.

· If a guest asks you to do something for him/ her and it is not on your schedule, get the person who is to do it. If you can not find that person, go ahead and do what the guest asks, then tell your Supervisor. That is, if the guest asks to have a Room make up, which is not on your section and the R/A from that section is not there. Go ahead and make up the room. Then you tell the Supervisor, he/ she will take a room off.

· It is prohibited to give any information regarding the Management, function or other guests in your section. If guest ask about that, direct the conversation to another content. Do not stare at guest.

· When you refer to the La Residence Hotel, say “We”, “Our” or “Us”. We all are the La Residence Hotel.

· Always greet all Guests and Employees, smile and greet according to time of day, preferably using the Guest’s name. People would like to hear their names.

· Never use the words : “Hi”, “ Hello” in greeting Guests in Hotel.

Example: Good morning/ Afternoon/ Evening, Mr Smith or Miss Jones. “Good night, Mr. Wu or Mrs. Lee”. Or if Guest’s name is unknow, use “Sir” or “Madam”.

· Be courteous to your colleagues as you would be to your Guest. Use courteous words such as: “Sir/ Madam”, “Thank you”, “Please” , I am sorry” , “I beg your pardon” , etc.

· When the guest says to you the word “Sorry”, You can reply : That’s alright/ It doesn’t matter.

· When you are walking or working in corridor and a guest passes by, you would stand and step back, greet the guest. : “Good morning/ Afternoon/ Evening, sir/ or madam.”

· Never fail to greet the guest in your working section even if you have met the same guest ten times already that day. Always have a polite smile ready for him/ her.

· After your initial greeting, say: “Have a nice day!” or “Have a pleasant evening!” or “Have a good weekend!”, “Good night!”.

· If a guest wishes you first or greets you first, say: “You too, Mr. __ (name)__” or “And you, Mr. / Mrs. / Miss / madam____ (name)___” or “The same to you, Sir/ Madam”.

· If guest asks you first with “How are you today ?”. You answer : “Very well, thank you, and you?”.

· If the guest is heading towards the elevator and you are nearby, go ahead and press the elevator button for him/ her.

· If you are making an occupied room and the guest comes back before you have finished, greet the guest and inquire: “May I continue or would you like me to come back later ?”. Note : The important thing is NEVER to ignore the guest !.

· If it is obvious that a guest needs help, approach the guest and say: “Excuse me, Sir/ Madam, may I help you ?“.

· If a guest complains about something, do not interrupt, even if you have a reason, wait until he/ she has finished. Then start with an apology: “I’m sorry, Sir/ Madam, I will follow it up right away.”

· Solve the complaint / problem right away. Make sure it won’t happen again. If unable to solve, refer this to your Supervisor immediately.

· Accepting complaints/ criticism, listen attentively and say: “Thank you for telling us, Sir / Madam. It won’t happen again. I’ll speak to my Supervisor about it. Please accept my apologies. NEVER SAY : "It is not my fault."

· Introducing oneself, introducing yourself with a big smile: “My name is _______“, “ Just let me know if there is anything we can do for you.” Or “ Call me anytime, I will be glad to be service”

· When guest “Thank you” , reply with a big smile and say :”It’s my pleasant” or “You are most welcome “, “Glad to be service”, “You are welcome”. Do not say: “Never mind.”

· Addressing individual: If possible, use his/ her name, if not, address by saying “Sir or madam”. Never say “Miss or Mrs.”. Address all ladies as “Madam”.

· Addressing group of guest say: “Ladies & Gentlemen”. NEVER say: “Lady& Sir.”

· When the guest check out say: “Have a nice trip home.”, or “Have a pleasant trip home.” , “Hope you enjoy your stay here.” Or “Hope to see you again”.

· Answering a guest’s call, say: “Yes, Mr. _______ “ or “Sir / Madam” . “May I help you ?”. “Can I be of service ?”. NEVER say: Yes , or What do you want., etc.

· When the guest asks for something which you are not sure if you can provide, answer honestly, say : “If you wait a moment, Sir / Madam, I will try to find out” “I’m afraid I can not say for sure, but I will ask right away”.

On returning with a positive answer , say: “Sorry to have kept you waiting. I am pleased to say we do have __________”. NEVER say : “I don’t know. It is not handled by this department”.

· When you don’t understand, do not afraid to say, always with a smile: “Pardon me, can you please repeat it ?” or “I am sorry, I don’t understand, I will refer to my Supervisor. He / She speaks better English than I do.”

· When the guest asks for something you are not obliged to, say: “I’m sorry, it’s against my company policy” or “I am sorry, I am not allowed to do that. It’s against our rules”. Or “I am terribly sorry, we are not allowed to do that”.

· When guest ask you to hurry up, say: “Sorry to have kept you waiting”.

· When leaving a room, say: “Will that be all, Sir/ Madam ?” or “Is there anything else I can do for you ?”.

· When giving direction, say: “Go straight ahead.” Or “Turn left / right at the first corner.” .”Go down to the lobby by taking the lift : “Sorry, I am not sure. Would you mind waiting please ? I will find out.”

· Have a pleasant phrase ready like : “Have a nice day” or “Have a good trip and come back to see us soon” or “Hope you enjoy your stay“ or “Beautiful day today” or “Welcome to La Residence hotel” or “Have a pleasant stay”.

· Always say : “I’m sorry, I will check for you”

: “Pardon me !”

: “Certainly” , “All right”

: “Certainly, my pleasure”.

Don’t ever say : “I don’t know”

: “What”

: “OK”

: “Yes”

· Useful sentences which are pleasant to hear:

“May I help you, Mr. __________ ?”

“Is there anything else I can do for you ?”

“Please”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me”, “Pardon me”


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