Do and Dont for HSK employees

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Do and Dont for HSK employees

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Don’t & Do's :

· Do shave everyday.

· Do have well-groomed hair.

· Do not over do your make up and nail polish.

· Do not use over-powering perfume.

· Do wear clean, tidy uniform.

· Do not forget to wear your nametag.

Don'ts :

1. Loiter in the hotel after duty hours.

2. Leave the hotel with your Master Key.

3. Personal affairs are not allowed to be conducted while on duty.

4. Keep any hotel property such as matches, stationery, cloths etc,. in your locker.

5. Go on guest floor without being in uniform.

6. Go out of the hotel during the working hours without permission while on duty.

7. Make unnecessary noises likely to disturb or annoy hotel guests, such as:

· Laughing loudly.

· Chatting with other employees.

· Running along corridors.

· Whistling and singing.

· Using foul language.

8. Punch time-card for other employees.

9. Carry your own paging unit on duty.

10. Swing your master key or play with coins in your pockets.

11. Try to solicit tips from guests.

12. Sleep, gamble or steel in the hotel.

13. Smoke or chew gum on duty.

14. Fight or drink liquor on duty.

15. Wiggle arms or legs, or drum on desk with fingertips or show anger or impatience.

16. Walk in any area with hands in pockets.
17. Read magazine, books or newspaper while on duty. Be absent unless absolutely necessary, and inform to HSKP Office immediately, telephone to our Hotel Operator.

18. Use foul language and have bad manners will not be tolerated.

19. Drink, smoke, chew gum, whistle or sing while on duty on guest floor or public areas.

20. Remove any guest or hotel items out of property. Items that you remove must have authorized signature of Executive Operation.

21. Return to the hotel on off-duty hours. In case you must return, it must be authorized by your Supervisor.

22. Answer room telephone anytime. Never use guest phone to make phone calls.

23. Knock on door with “Do not disturb” sign.

24 Block hallways with trolleys or leave cords from equipment which may cause others to trip over.

24. Knock on doors with keys, use your hand to knock.

25. Leave water running when you are not using it.

26. Watch television or listen to the radio when cleaning guestroom.

27. Use guest rest rooms or elevators.

28. Touch or use guest personal items when cleaning room.

30. Give out information about guest. Do not give out guest names and room numbers.

31. Leave property during working hours, without Executive Operation authorization.


1. Stay only one half an hour for your meal breaks.

2. Enter and leave the hotel through staff area.

3. Wear clean and complete uniform as assigned. Nametags must be worn all the time while on duty.

4. Take pride in your personal appearance and grooming

5. Keep your area clean and tidy – including staircases.

6. Stay only in area assigned to you.

7. Clean your pantry, trolley, vacuum cleaner after finishing cleaning rooms.

8. Report any unusual condition in the room to your immediate supervisor, such as: missing or shortage of items, broken or damaged furniture, upholstery/ carpet/ wall paper needed to repair or shampoo.

9. Report to the floor supervisor if you find guest in room ill, drunk, noisy, or showing any strange behavior.

10. When you see a guest lugging something heavy, immediately help and always offer your services.


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