Security Rule

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Security Rule

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Standard :

Procedures :

1. Room door must be kept closed when you leave a room.

2. Pantry doors must be kept closed.

3. Room key left in room must be kept in pantry or handed to supervisor. Do not place it on the trolley.

4. Do not open the door for any guest without identification (Hotel welcome booklet or passport) unless you get instruction from Housekeeping or you recognize the guest exactly.

5. Report to Security Control Room by dialing security office’s extension and Housekeeping Office when you see a suspicious person.

6. If a guest leaves room door opened, advise him to close it for the sake of hotel security.

7. All employees can not remove any guest property from guest room.

8. No employee is allowed to take any Hotel and guest belongings out of Hotel, otherwise, he/she will be regarded as theft and shall be accused in accordance with the law.

9. Never open guest drawers, bags, or luggage.

10. When discovering any theft, floor attendant should never attempt to take action by himself. He must inform the Supervisor or Order Taker (Coordinator in HSKP Office).

11. Opening guest room for either delivering or depositing any items including guest luggage, or conducting maintenance task must be approved by HSKP Office or Floor Supervisor. Attendant should standby to watch, note down the occurrence and report to the Floor Supervisor.

12. Never release any information about the hotel or guests to anyone. Touting for immoral business or even purchasing indecent articles for guest is strictly forbidden.

13. Never give your keys to anyone during working hours.

14. Return your floor keys before your duty expires.

15. Report to your supervisors immediately if you lose the key.

16. Do not allow other guests to enter the room, even just to look around while you are working


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